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Pro Account Full Access includes the following benefits:

• Each purchase includes a complimentary 1-hour call with our research team and unlimited email support for all your queries.

• Includes quarterly upgrades to all data layers and full access to the 2021 data sets released in April 2021. 

StartupBlink PRO Map

1. Filters and features (e.g sort by newest and data export) on the StartupBlink Global Startup Map.

2Added functionality in the city and country ranking tables (e.g. filter by vertical, region or population). 

What you receive with the StartupBlink PRO Map

1. Extended access to the StartupBlink Global Map

•  Browse startups by industry, subindustry, and tags.

•  Filter by Unicorns and Exits

•  Filter by Pantheon companies (with special historic impact on the ecosystem)

•  Export to excel over 10,000 startups added directly the map

•  Filter entities by newest added

2. Extended access to StartupBlink Ranking Tables

  Breakdown the total ranking score of countries and cities (Quantity, Quality, Business)

•   View complete rankings of underperforming cities (beyond Top 500) 

•  Access to Fintech Ecosystem Vertical Rankings of 200 cities and 50 countries and COVID-19 Innovation rankings of 80 cities and 32 countries

•  Create your own customizable sub rankings with population size and regional filters 

•  Access historical ranking tables by StartupBlink (2017 & 2019) with full functionality from one place

Purchase PRO Map

$96 paid quarterly (32$ per month)