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Make informed business decisions based on the world's most comprehensive data sets of innovation in 1,000 cities and 100 countries

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StartupBlink PRO

Mentions of StartupBlink and Report

  The Duke of York

Guy Kawasaki

Canada's Minister of Science

Press for our Global Startup Rankings

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Mentions of StartupBlink and Report

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 The StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem map includes tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators. StartupBlink also established dozens of local startup chapters serving over 30,000 entrepreneurs. Our annual rankings reports rank the startup ecosystems of more than 1,000 cities and 100 countries globally. The reports are downloaded by tens of thousands of decision-makers, mentioned by top government officials, and referred to hundreds of times in the global and national press. Our global data partners include SEMrush and SimilarWeb. We are partnered with dozens of public sector ecosystem clients on the promotion, mapping, and research of their startup ecosystems.

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About StartupBlink  

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StartupBlink PRO

Make informed business decisions based on comprehensive datasets of  startup ecosystems in hundreds of cities and countries


Extended access to the StartupBlink Global Map

* $1,350 Annual price


What is StartupBlink PRO?

StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map and research center with tens of thousands of registered startups. We work together with global data partners such as SEMrush, CrunchBase, Meetup, and SimilarWeb in addition to dozens of governments and public sector organizations to map and rank innovation hubs in thousands of locations. 

The Pro account allows you to receive access to extensive analysis tools and raw data to support your research and comparative analysis of innovation activity globally.

Uses of our data include: shortlisting locations for investment or company expansion, identifying supply of tech talent, university and corporate research analysis, measuring the impact of public policy and economic development strategies.

*Each purchase includes a complimentary 1-hour call with our research team and unlimited email support for all your queries.

**Members will be notified and receive access to new features that are constantly in development.


* $1,350 Annual price


Pro Account Benefits

What is StartupBlink PRO?

Make better conclusions about startup ecosystems

Global Startup Map and Ecosystem Research

Mentions of StartupBlink and Report

Press for our Global Startup Rankings

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StartupBlink Pro

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What Users Say

"I am actually using StartupBlink data as the basis of our expansion strategy into the US. I say it’s central to our growth decisions."

- Richard Sams, C.E.O of MOHARA, London

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 Are you interested in a customized report covering a specific industry vertical or region? Our team specializes in crafting research based on your unique focus and would love to roll their sleeves up and build one for you.

Custom Research / Vertical Report

Promote Your Organization in our 2020 Report

We offer organizations a variety of promotional opportunities on our next reports, global startup map and dozens of startup communities.

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  The Prime Minister of Israel

  The Mayor of Edmonton

Access to raw data excel sets

Extended access to StartupBlink Ranking Tables

•  Fully customized Excel Data sets are available for 2017 and 2019. Access to 2020 data sets will be sent by email in April 2020.

•  Full visibility to quantity, quality and business score per

•  List of all algorithm components by category

•  Filters for geographical region and population

•  Full list of all algorithm components by category

•  Counter for registered startups, accelerators, and coworking spaces

•  Counter for unicorns, exits and Pantheon startups

•  Components list and score by location of dozens of ranking algorithm variables

•  List of the clusters of cities and towns comprising each ranked metropolitan.

•  Filter entities by newest added

•  Filter by Unicorns 

•  Filter by Pantheon companies (with special historic impact on the ecosystem)

•  Breakdown the total ranking score of countries and cities (Quantity, Quality, Business)

•  Access to Fintech Ecosystem Vertical Rankings of 200 cities and 50 countries

•  Use population size filters to rank Counties and Cities

•  Use region filters to rank Countries and Cities

Pro Access includes three layers of data:

1. Filters and features (e.g sort by newest) on the StartupBlink Global Startup Map

2. Added functionality on the city and country ranking tables (e.g. filter by vertical, region or population).

3. Data Sets (Excels): Download the raw data for a deeper and more customized analysis of all score components.

Pro Access includes three layers of data:

About StartupBlink 

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* $1,350 Annual price